Ok... i'm going to be honest, im not the best programmer in the world (by far)
that's were you come in (hint, hint, wink, wink) I need you to send me .BAS's, vbx and ocx files, codes and vb links. i will try and upload vb3.0 for all of you people (You didn't here that from me, and you didn't get it from me ;)
You will need winzip for most of the things, and even though I think it's lame, I put some Decompiled programs
I might also add a decompiler among other things you lamers use (the things I do to get hit's on this page) and for you programmers, vb4 and vb3 are the best, with Master32.bas and Genozide
Are awsome, so get them, and another thing, use decompile shield 2.0 by magus to protect all of your programs and apps.
Also, the code section WILL be improved... i hope. It's out of order but i'm working on it.

VB codes VB files
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